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I have noticed many posts on my dash related to anxiety.

Today I want to share a few posts I have gathered for working with students to help cope with anxiety and stress.

Since I have been collecting these, some of the links to the sources are now broken websites.

Hope these are helpful!


I desperately needed this. Perfect timing.

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gosefacekilla asked: what's your view on the gully queens?? Are you praying for them? Do you care? Do you think they choose to live in chaos or they just cant help their lust?


I’m not sure what you mean.

I feel like people should live and love as they are led to. Am I praying for them? Sure praying that they have safety and are covered by angels and arch angels considering how violently homophobic it can be for them where they live.

I am praying that the hearts and minds of those that cause them hurt, harm, or danger would change. I pray they have peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of the trials they face. I’m praying for  them to have joy and healthy relationships.

What is chaos but insisting that someone try to live the way you want them to because you think it’s right? Why would you want them to be someone other than themselves for your pleasure?  Let them live. Mind your business, inquire to God why you are so concerned about what they are doing with their lives instead of your own.

Yes, Queen!!!

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If you want to help secure the rights of women all over the world go here.
If you want to help people from north korea go here.
If you want to help stop child labor go here
If you want to help people escape from their current situation go here
If you want to help refugees reunite with their families go here

If you want to permanently help the people who are still living in inhumane conditions all over the globe, that grow up experiencing war, violence and discrimination, be political! Go vote, write articles, educate every single person you meet, never shut your mouth, make people aware of the fact that we are still far away from global equality, freedom and peace.  

Please do not remove this caption, if you repost, link back to this post.

This is important.

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ex-weeaboo asked: youre pretty with big boobs but looking at your archive, i just cant its too much text posts and what not.




I dont know how to answer this but heres a picture that describes how i feel. 


Did he really just say you’re pretty but you think/write/read too much?